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Embody Health 

An experiential sensory journey through breath, sound and other modalities

Private sessions are now being offered face-to-face in the New England area and online. These powerful healing sessions are usually between 60-90 minutes and includes a combination of breathing practices, sound healing and a range of other healing tools.


Sessions are unique and are tailored specifically for each individual. Generally, in an Embody Health session, there is an element of participation invited through intention setting, active breathing practices, mindfulness and visualisation techniques. There will also be times in the session where you simply just receive through for example – energy and sonic healing.


You may experience altered states of consciousness and deep relaxation, where you feel like you are nearly asleep but not quite. This is a common experience in the sessions and most people report a deep sense of relaxation and a quality of spaciousness during and after a session.


At a basic level, Embody Health can assist with relaxation, releasing stress, better sleeping and overall wellbeing. This is deep and layered work that supports you to explore your inner landscape, open to new states of being and activate your own healing.​


An Embody Health session involves a combination of some of the following:

  • Breath practices – both activating and relaxing breathwork

  • Interactive meditations – for example: intention setting, visualisation, conscious emotional processing, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga nidra, mindfulness, affirmations  

  • Sound Healing – with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, voice healing, medicine drum journeywork and curated playlists

  • Energy healing – such as Reiki, pranic healing and acupressure  


Please note – not all of these practices above are included in every session! They are just examples of the types of things you might experience. Prior to the session, we work together to curate your unique experience.


Breathwork practices generally are very varied from those that stimulate the nervous system, to those that sooth and downregulate the nervous system. In an Embody Health session, depending on your intention for the session, we might work with a more activating breathing technique – similar to holotropic breathwork and the Wim Hof style and/or gentler such as yoga breathing techniques and rebirthing breathwork. 


Physical practices such as yoga and qigong are not usually incorporated into the Embody Health session, but your session can be customised to include somatic practices.


Face-to-face sessions are also supported by plant teachers – such as cleansing tools like paulo santo and sage, gorgeous Alchemical Myst sprays, quality essential oils, resins, blended teas, ceremonial grade cacao etc. To assist with integration after your session, you are given links to a range of audio online meditation practices so you can continue your journey at home.   


You can book private sessions just for yourself for dedicated self care nourishment – or get together with some friends for a unique group experience. Face-to-face sessions are currently held at your own home and the sound component of the session is especially amplified. However online sessions are also a powerful way to journey from the comfort of your own home – the sound element is not a prominent in online settings.  



​For bookings and more information, please email info@embodywellbeing.org or text 0432 112 749. 

Intake Form

Please complete the Embody Health Intake Form prior to your session.



1x person $77​

2x people $44 per person

3x people $33 per person

4+ people $22 per person  


Things to Know

Please wear comfortable clothing and have some water handy. You might want to also have an eye mask, journal and pen.


For sessions at your home – please try to ensure that the space is clean and there is enough room to lie down comfortably and for the facilitator and their equipment (approximately x2 yoga mats side by side for the facilitator’s sound healing tools). The temperature in the room that will be used for the session should be comfortable.

If possible, it is good to have eaten healthily and lightly in the days leading up to the session. It is recommended that you have a fairly empty stomach on the day – but not so empty that it is distracting! Best advice – eat lightly a couple hours beforehand, be well hydrated and try to minimise caffeine intake. Also, be mindful in the days leading up to the session – as best you can, avoid alcohol and other drugs.


Also – post the session, if at all possible, create the space to rest and relax. Try not to book social events afterwards – you may not feel like them! You may feel in a quiet sensitive mindset after your session.  


We are taking Covid precautions as suggested by the relevant health authorities. Please cancel the face-to-face session if you are not feeling well, have been to a hotspot within 14 days, exposed to someone suspected of have Covid or are waiting for test results.  


Session Cancellations

If you need to cancel – please do this prior to 24hrs before your session – no payment is required. Within 24hrs, cancellations attract a 50% payment, and a ‘no show’ requires the full session payment.  


Session Facilitator

Rebecca invites transformation through a range of embodied practices including working with movement, sound and breath.


She is the Director of Embody Wellbeing and is the founder of Body to Soul. Rebecca has played in the healing space for 25 years and has a broad array of tools in her toolkit, but leans towards breathwork and sound healing as the fundamental staples.


Having practiced yoga on and off for a couple of decades, she completed her first yoga teacher training in 2006 and has gone on to design and facilitate a number of yoga teacher trainings since 2016. She has facilitated an array of workshops and retreats over the years.


Rebecca has a broad background and range of interests – she is passionate about ancient and contemporary evidence based practices to experience transformation through altered states.


"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy "

William Shakespeare, Hamlet to Horatio (1.5.167-8)