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Embody Wellbeing was birthed around 7 years ago by co-founders Bec Passey and Justine Janssen.

We have a special interest in breathwork, somatic practices like yoga, sound journeys, cold water immersion and other ways of accessing flow states. We get to play in amazing spaces - running face-to-face and online classes, programs, retreats, workshops, courses and offer lots of free resources through a number of platforms.

Bec is the Director of Embody Wellbeing and collaborates with other amazing folk with various projects.

Embody Wellbeing is committed to personal and collective transformation.


We were built for these times - as intense as they are. It is so understandable that we are buffeted by the energy at the moment. A lot is being cleared and upgraded, and there are so many influences impacting us at different levels.

While not always easy to do, it is a radical act of rebellion to focus on our wellbeing. Looking after oneself, doing supportive practices and caring for each other is so important. Connection through community is paramount at this time.

We got this! 

Bec Passey

Hey there! A bit about me...

I am a self-confessed jack-of-all trades - one of my hats includes facilitating yoga, meditation, breathwork and other groupwork type stuff.


Through Embody, I get to be creative and play, developing and facilitating programs, workshops, training and retreats, working with a range of tools including movement, sound, breathwork and cold water immersion (aka ice baths). I'm fascinated by altered states and it never ceases to amaze me how breathwork can facilitate quite expanded liminal states. There are many other ways of course.

In the yoga space, I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about 30 years and completed my first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2006 with Radiant Light Yoga. I’ve done a range of yoga and meditation training since then, including with Power Yoga Canberra and Power Living Australia Yoga. Aside from teaching a classes and workshops locally and online, I also develop and facilitate yoga teacher training, and do some mentoring with yoga teachers. I wouldn't really consider myself a proper yoga teacher type though (whatever that means!).

My background is so broad, and I have no idea how I came to do most things that I have landed in – as well as the wellbeing offerings, my work has included government, legal, community and higher education sectors.

I am interested in trauma focused practices and the exploration of progressive therapeutic interventions for trauma recovery. I'm a bit of a nerd - I love layman's neuroscience and learning new stuff in that field.

Randomly, I am also a bit obsessed with flowers and gardening, and particular historical periods – especially Scotland between 1600-1800s to be quite precise about it. I'm about to start keeping bees and am thrilled to learn about bee keeping.

Currently I live in the funky little town of Uralla in NSW, Australia with my partner and our huge furry dog named Ziggy (who, if asked, wouldn’t regard himself as a dog). All our kids have flown the nest now, so I am at that wonderful time in life where I have some freedom (and privilege) to play work-wise, and explore a range of random interests.

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