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Activation Breathwork - Fire

Activation Breathwork - Fire

This is a 25min breathing pattern that activates and awakens the body. When doing dynamic breathwork and breath holds, please remember these three things: *Don't get up quickly during or just after a breathwork session* *Lie down for breathwork or if seated have support behind you* *Never do breathwork in water or when driving a vehicle!* Check out our range of free breathwork and mindful movement based gifts and offerings here: With stronger breathwork such as conscious connected mouth breathing, please modify your breath to breath more gently through the nose and minimise or avoid any breath holds. Some contraindications for stronger breathwork/breath holds: • Respiratory conditions • High or abnormal blood pressure • Epilepsy or history of seizures or strokes • Glaucoma or detach retina • Anyone on heavy medication • Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia • Bipolar depression • Osteoporosis • Pregnancy • Recent surgery • Trauma Consider getting clearance from your doctor if you have any of the above conditions especially for stronger breathwork and breath holds. Please note, this is only for experienced breathwork practitioners. This is a Level 4 practice which includes the option to breathe through the mouth with a conscious connected breath and involves breath holds. This type of practice is not suitable for all people and there are some contraindications to this practice. Level 1 - Suitable for anyone with no previous breathwork experience Level 2 - Low level of experience with breathing techniques is recommended Level 3 - Medium level experience with breathwork - some contraindications may apply Level 4 - Medium-advanced level breathwork - there are contraindications to the practice Level 5 - Advanced techniques - there are contraindications to the practice What To Expect Some potential effects include: ∞ being light headed and spacey ∞ dry mouth (this quickly passes) ∞ tingling sensations especially in the hands, feet and the jaw ∞ cramping especially in the hands, feet and the jaw ∞ emotional release ∞ somatic release The technique is based on the BreathingCold method (which modified from the Wim Hof and Soma practices). Some additional detail: ∞ the foundational breath practiced is a full connected breath through the mouth ∞ the breath is connected – meaning that there is no pause between the in breath and out breath. ∞ the inhale is active and the exhale releases effortlessly ∞ this simple breathing technique is moderated by you in the moment. The speed and rhythm may vary depending on what your intention is with this practice and where your body is at ∞ please do NOT force the out breath ∞ if the hold feels like too much and you are straining to hold it – simply take a breath! ∞ while the breath technique is facilitated as mouth breathing, if you have any of the contraindications listed below or want a more relaxing practice nose breathing is recommended ∞ you are encouraged to really listen to your body and breathe in a way that supports you – less is more sometimes!

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