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Develop. Grow. Inspire.


The Yoga Upgrade

This 20hr online course is designed for yoga teachers who are ready to take a step up in their teaching....

  • Next Level Teaching - upgrade your yoga teaching skills to the next level - learn hacks to access your flow state and to powerfully hold space


  • Get Inspired With Cueing - expand your vocab and learn different ways to cue 37 key poses - from basic pose set up, to language that will open the door for deeply embodied experiences through asana


  • Dial Up Your Breathwork - powerful practices, techniques and tips, including and beyond pranayama, to support the conscious navigation of nervous system regulation through breathwork 


  • Be More Confident and Authentic - find your authentic voice, overcome nerves with powerful bio-hacks and connect more deeply with your students through skilful communication 


  • Teach Flow with Flow - once you know this one foundational principle, you'll be able to teach flow yoga with ease - find your rhythm with cueing and breath through our simple framework - step-by-step

100+ lessons - we've distilled the essence of what you need to know into easily assimilated components. Quality downloadable content –  videos, audios, handouts, a comprehensive 200+ page manual, and a workbook.

Investment in yourself: $379 (payment plans available).


Yinbody is an advanced Yin Yoga teacher resource to support you to step into teaching yin or expand your existing yin yoga teaching.

This 20hr online course will help you to:


  • Teach powerful and distinctive Yin Yoga classes

  • Design intelligent and intuitive classes

  • Deepen your awareness as a facilitator in the space

  • Build your teaching skills in cueing and theming

  • Experience a deeper level of embodiment and presence

  • Develop your unique, authentic and powerful voice

Get in the flow mindset with your teaching and much more!

The online course includes the following:

  • Yinbody Asana Series – 21 videos on specific poses including info on cues, meridian lines, contraindications and benefits 

  • Props video – all the props ideas you’ll need in one video!

  • The Path – a powerful exploratory experience of getting clear on your purpose

  • Applied philosophy and self-exploration practices - this is a journey!

  • Yinbody classes to practice with

  • A master class on powerful communication

  • High level how-to teaching guides to upgrade your teaching 

  • Tailored yoga nidra and meditation practices

  • Comprehensive easy-to-follow manual and handouts

  • Bonus Qigong practices 


Lifetime access to all video material. Download everything else for access anytime, anywhere. 

Please note - this is for existing yoga teachers. See our practitioner course Yinbody 101 if you are a yin yoga student.

Investment in yourself: $349 (payment plans available).

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