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Flow States 101

While flow states may appear to be a somewhat mysterious experience, they can be cultivated and deliberately accessed. It is a trainable and measurable state and there has been a good amount of research including into the neurochemistry of these brain states. As with all research - there still is still much to go, but we do know a fair bit now. The foundations are covered in this workshop.

This online learning space has a 90min workshop, notes from the workshop on all of the areas covered, plus loads of bonus practices and teachings!

Investment in yourself: $22

In this pre-recorded Zoom workshop, we will explore: 

  • what a flow state actually is

  • the four stages in The Flow Cycle

  • the science behind flow

  • common 'ingredients' that trigger flow states  

  • how you can deliberately invoke these states of consciousness

  • hacks to assist you to consistently access these states (and go deeper!) 


Included is a full 30 minute breathwork session. Breathwork is an amazing tool to quickly and effectively drop into 'The Zone'. 

Love Yourself

Self Care - A Radical Act

Self care is not only what we do – the activities we do to feel better – it is a state of mind. A way of thinking about ourselves, valuing ourselves enough to commit to our own wellbeing.

We need radical self care in these times. Join us for this workshop that will help to re-frame self care for you and create a solid plan of action to support you all areas of your life.

The online workshop Self Care - A Radical Act is pre-recorded for your convenience. Play in your own time!

Investment in yourself: $22

In the experiential self care journey, you will:

  • use breathwork to expand your capacity to dive deep into yourself

  • take a health check on where you are at in your life

  • explore what self care is for you

  • understand your personal flags and warning signs when things are out of balance

  • prioritise your focus and 

  • create a powerful but achievable Self Care Plan


There are also bonus practices and teachings included in the workshop platform.