Embody Wellbeing Yoga Teacher Training

‘A teacher effects eternity, you can never tell where their influence stops’

Henry Adams


Are you ready to change your life to live in an empowered, authentic and purposeful way?


Are you willing to journey inwards, explore unknown territory, to be challenged with compassion to unravel and grow?


Is it time step into your truth, to expand and really supercharge your experience of life?


Embody Wellbeing offers comprehensive and professional yoga teacher training from the foundational 200hr Empower 200 training to professional development for yoga teachers with Embody 108 and Yinbody 85.


Whether you are looking to teach yoga or simply want to develop your own practice and understanding of yoga, this training will take you on a powerful path of transformation. It will change your life!

Embody Wellbeing Yoga Teacher Training Justine Janssen

Empower 200

Empower 200 is our comprehensive 200hr yoga teacher training. This dynamic, flexible and experiential course is designed for aspiring and dedicated students. Our yoga teacher training is contemporary, integrated and transformational. This training will give you the tools, skills and structure to teach Embody Yoga professionally and is recognised internationally with Yoga Alliance. Click here for more information.

Embody 108

Embody 108 is specifically designed for people who have completed a 200hr yoga teacher training but who are not actively teaching, who may have lost confidence or never quite made the transition from their initial yoga training to teaching. It is also for more experienced teachers who want to really level up and grow in their teaching. This program is designed to awaken your inner teacher and shine a light on that which limits your full empowered expression as a teacher (and of course in the world!). Embody 108 will support you to Step In (go within) – Step Up (level up to your potential) – Step Out (shine, bring your gifts and be seen – you are needed at this time!). Click here for more information.

Yinbody 85

Yinbody 85 educates and enables yoga teachers and experienced students to teach powerful yin yoga classes, deepen and expand their understanding of yin yoga, and facilitate a transformational experience. The course provides quality Yin Yoga Teacher Training for yoga teachers and practicing yogis who are inspired to teach from a deep authentic place of balance, expansion and presence. Click here for more information.