Structure and Form, and Flow

A Snippet of Embody Wellbeing philosophy - From the Transformational Program Facilitator Guide

Structure and Form, and Flow

Structure and form, and flow is a fundamental principle underpinning Embody Wellbeing programs and training. We have found that to function powerfully and effectively in an integrated way – we need to have feet in both worlds. Structure and form can involve the practical, in-the-world type things: planning, organising, logistics, looking ahead – being prepared, ‘knowing the plan’. It requires being grounded and present in the body. Then there is the freedom that can naturally happen within the structure and form – essentially the flow. Where we can instinctively adapt in the moment, being soft, yielding and open to change as it needs to occur.

Three of the fundamental aspects of being in flow are embodying presence, intuition and flexibility. When we facilitate, the space we hold is based on our deep and focused presence. This in turn assists us to be more intuitive in the moment and able to respond with flexibility. Every group, every session, every moment requires us to listen to what is needed and act on it. The flow has a mystical quality about it – being in flow is such an effective and joyful space to experience. Most of us have had many experiences in flow and out of flow!

Having a strong basis in structure and form facilitates flow. The structure and form is like the infrastructure of a house – the foundations anchored in the Earth, the walls, cladding and roof, the electricals and plumbing. Your embodied presence, listening and allowing the flow is like the furniture and décor, the moving parts within the home.

Structure and form is not rigid because there is openness and access to flow; flow is not directionless, all over the place or completely uncontained as there is the guiding grounding force of structure and form as support. It is about finding balance within duality – the yin and the yang, the feminine and masculine, the inner and outer worlds.

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