Empower 200: Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

Empower 200 is our comprehensive 200hr yoga teacher training. This dynamic, flexible and experiential course is designed for aspiring and dedicated students. Our yoga teacher training is integrated and transformational. This training will give you the tools, skills and structure to teach Embody Yoga professionally.

Embody Yoga is based on the ancient yogic teachings bringing in a fresh, contemporary flavour for the modern context. This vinyasa style of yoga is a balanced mindful practice – it is intelligent and intuitive, playing with the dance of polarities – yin and yang. Embody Yoga navigates levels: deep physical embodiment, accepting and understanding the emotional experience, refining and expanding the mind and exploring higher expressions of consciousness.

Empower 200 is delivered using mixed modalities to ensure it has the flexibility to work with busy lifestyles. The 200hr training is conducted over nine weeks using high quality online learning (70hrs), while retaining the important face-to-face teaching with two x three day non-residential workshops (Saturday to Monday) with practical ‘on the mat’ learning in Canberra (60hrs). A six night deep immersion residential retreat is held at the stunning Gymea Eco Retreat centre in northern NSW near Byron Bay (70hrs) – this is where the alchemy of Empower 200 really happens!  

This training is led by Justine Janssen, a highly regarded Australian senior yoga teacher who co-founded Power Yoga Canberra in 2009 and Embody Wellbeing in 2017. Her approach is authentic and masterful – she teaches from an embodied wisdom, weaving integrated philosophy into her teaching to create a powerful experience for students. Empower 200 students will have direct contact with Justine throughout the course in both the online and face-to-face components, and during the retreat. Justine is supported by skilled team of experienced yoga teachers including Embody Wellbeing co-founder Rebecca Passey.

Empower 200: 16 February – 29 April 2019

  • 16 – 18 February: 3 day Workshop – non-residential @Power Yoga Canberra

  • 19 February – 13 March: Online

  • 15 – 21 March: 6 night Immersion Retreat @Gymea Eco Retreat Northern NSW

  • 22 March – 26 April: Online

  • 27 – 29 April: 3 day Workshop – non-residential @Power Yoga Canberra


Methods of Delivery


Face-to-face Non-Residential Workshops 

Three day deep dive workshops will be held in Canberra at Power Yoga Canberra, Woden studio.

Online Learning 

The online learning course includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy course

  • Empower 200 Asana Series© videos 

  • Audio yoga classes with Justine Janssen

  • Meditation practices

  • Online material and required reading from texts (provided)

  • Applied philosophy and self-exploration practices

  • Group Zoom sessions

  • Journalling

  • Facebook Group (optional)


Deep Immersion Retreat 

A fundament part of the training a six night deep immersion retreat at the stunning Gymea Eco Retreat centre in northern NSW near Byron Bay. The retreat component of the training is an opportunity for students to deeply engage in the material and also into their own transformational journey. This retreat is a full experience – days and nights are full plus there is some time scheduled for relaxation and integration during the retreat.


This exquisite retreat space is set in lush surrounds at the base of majestic Wollumbin / Mt Warning in the northern rivers region of New South Wales. Rooms are eco deluxe twin share and are equipped with luxury 5 star eco inner sprung latex topped single beds. All bedding, manchester and room furnishings have been carefully selected to meet biodynamic or organic certification standards. Each room includes its bathroom.


During the retreat, students will have access to a magnesium plunge pool and have a complimentary sauna and steam-room experience. Massage and other healing spa treatments may be organised at additional cost. Healthful, ethical, conscious and delicious (importantly !) vegetarian food is catered by the gorgeous and talented Angie Cowen.


Accommodation, food and activities are included in the course fee. Travel and transfers to Gymea are not included.


The online component is assessed through online quizzes and submitted comments; students are also required to complete an essay prior to the final face-to-face weekend workshop. At the final face-to-face weekend workshop students sit an exam and undergo a practical assessment.


Pre-requisites and requirements

This course is aimed at committed students who have more than 12 months experience practicing yoga and existing yoga teachers who have completed their initial 200hrs but wish to refresh, deepen or expand their teaching with the Embody Yoga style.


Students will need to apply to enter into this training. Please email us for more information and for an application form:


All face-to-face (non-residential and residential) must be attended as part of the training. If there are extenuating circumstances where students are unable to attend part of the training, this must be discussed as soon as practicable with the training leaders and where possible an alternate arrangement made and agreed in writing. This may involve additional expense.


Extensions for online assessments may be given in extenuating circumstances. Students must apply in writing for extensions.   



The curriculum for the course includes comprehensive anatomy and physiology, teaching yoga asana, meditation and pranayama, and yoga philosophy and history. During the training, we go deeply into the practical hands-on teaching – breaking down each asana, exploring functional pose alignment cues, modifications and contraindications, and hands on assisting.


Embody Yoga is an integrated teaching - uniting the body, emotions and the mind, the elements and the polarities (often depicted as yin and yang). It is taught with strong presence and mindfulness, energetic awareness and embodied philosophy. Empower 200 students will experience Embody Yoga and learn the foundational features of this style including sequencing principles and the basic Embody Yoga sequences. Students will come away from the course with a strong framework and skills for teaching yoga and will learn about setting up a yoga business and working in studios and gyms.


For a detailed breakdown of the curriculum please click here. Please email: if you have any questions.



$5108 early bird (before 29 November 2019)

$5555 after early bird

A deposit of $500 is required to secure a place in Empower 200. Applications close 2 February 2019.


Payment plans are available on request. Payment plans involve the deposit of $505 and then 6x monthly payments of $1000 – to pay the total amount of $5555. Please note, the early bird discount does not apply for payment plans. The first $1000 payment must be paid prior to 16 February 2019. 


Please contact us to discuss payment plans and for more information:



The Empower 200 training fee includes:

  • A six night retreat at Gymea (includes accommodation, food and activities)

  • Two x three day non-residential workshops

  • Online course including the ​Empower 200 Asana Series© videos and interactive anatomy course 

  • Comprehensive manual and materials

  • Required reading text books


Upon full attendance and successful completion of assessments (online and face-to-face) a certificate of completion of the 200hrs will be issued. This certificate allows students to register with Yoga Alliance and generally is required for professional indemnity insurance purposes and is the basic qualification needed to teach in yoga studios and gyms.



Embody Wellbeing facilitates advanced yoga teacher training. After completion of Empower 200 (or other recognised 200hr yoga teacher training qualification and a minimal number of teaching hours completed) students may apply for the Embody 42, Embody 85 and Yinbody 85 professional development training. 


My experience of Empower 200 was so much more than I expected. I came away from it not only with the knowledge and tools I required to teach yoga, but a totally transformed perspective on my life and world. Justine, Bec and their co-facilitators created the most amazing environment where I felt completely grounded, connected, safe and encouraged. This allowed me to really explore and rewire my inner workings and patterns, accessing facets of myself I wasn’t sure existed. I can’t recommend this program highly enough to anyone looking to become a yoga teacher or deepen their yoga experience. It was truly life changing, completely embodied and has seeped into every aspect of my world in the most amazing but often unexplainable ways.

2018 Empower 200 Graduate

No words could ever truly explain what I experienced on this course. It’s a life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to journey inwardly and explore their abilities. It’s so much more than yoga, it’s a uniting, liberating, breathtaking experience. Going into this I thought sure I want to be a yoga teacher I need to get my qualifications, it will be like any other form of study, course.... Well I was wrong it was so eye opening. I burnt in the fire and emerged a new person with a whole new outlook on my life and self. I wish I could better explain my experience but I can't so I could only encourage others to take part so they too can understand the magnificence experience of Empower 200 YTT.

2018 Empower 200 Graduate

Embody Wellbeing Yoga Teacher Training Empower 200 Justine Janssen