training: embody 85

Embody 85: Transformational Teaching


Embody 85 aims to empower and transform yoga teachers, provide a comprehensive set of tools to enable yoga teachers to take their class sequencing, structure and delivery to the next level and deepen their own practice and understanding of yoga.

In this integrated training you will learn:

  • Advanced sequencing and class design

  • Powerful facilitation tools and techniques

  • Skilful cueing

  • To work with emotions through yoga

  • Innovative assisting techniques

  • Effective theming and applied philosophy

Embody 85 is not only an advanced teacher training, but is also a powerful life changing experience for attendees. 


Participants will learn to create and maintain a focused presence and to teach (and live) from a deeper, more embodied and intuitive space.

Embody Wellbeing Yoga Teacher Training Embody 85 Rebecca Passey

This training is designed for yoga teachers with a minimum 200hr yoga teacher training and some experience teaching. The course is delivered through a 4 week online program and 7 day immersion retreat. The 85hour course comprises 55 contact hours and 30 non-contact hours.