Embody Wellbeing Our Vision

Embody Wellbeing: Our Vision

Embody Wellbeing has a big vision. To increase the health and wellbeing of people across a broad range of areas in society – within Australia and globally. We aim to reach millions of people to powerfully and positively impact lives. We have been a bit quiet in 2020, pursuing other dreams in the world and adjusting for virus circumstance, but the vision still stands strong!

Embody Wellbeing uses a multi-layered approach – working with the modalities of yoga, mindfulness practices and other complementary tools through:

  • in-house classes and workshops

  • outreach programs

  • online engagement, courses and resources

  • foundational and advanced yoga teacher training and 

  • health and wellbeing retreats i


Embody Wellbeing will also be a platform for education and research – we are partnering with universities to measure the effectiveness of our longer term programs contributing to the growing body of research around yoga and mindfulness in specific contexts.

While yoga and mindfulness are based on more traditional systems such as Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism, we draw beyond these areas to include teachings and practices across a spectrum of ancient and modern fields and ideologies including contemporary psychology and psychotherapy.


The philosophy of Embody Wellbeing is simple. It is fundamentally about transforming lives though working with all aspects of ourselves in an integrated way – recognising that our health and wellbeing relies on a balanced, comprehensive approach. Physical practices for optimal health and fitness and working with emotions – developing emotional intelligence to facilitate healthy relationships with ourselves and the people around us. Exploring the mind – how to be more centred and resilient, and healthily manage stress to be able to respond to life in a more empowered and conscious way. This approach naturally heightens the unfolding journey of self discovery and awareness – where we come to question and explore our purpose, who we are and the deeper meaning of life for us in the context of our own unique experience.

Embody Wellbeing has high quality classes, courses, training and workshops facilitated in Canberra through our home base studio, around Australia and online. We are inspired to bring our programs out of the studio into society – working in an extensive range of areas: corporate and government sectors, in education – child care, schools and universities, in the healthcare industry – in hospitals, aged care facilities, with people with disabilities and their carers. We want to provide health and wellbeing programs in areas where this type of work is not as readily accessed including trauma sensitive areas – engaging with at risk youth, supporting domestic violence survivors, returned soldiers and indigenous communities; working in drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and throughout the prison system.

This is just the beginning – our vision is broad and far reaching. As we become more established in Australia – our focus will shift globally as we move into international aid and development. We are passionate about making a difference in the world!


"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."                                                                                                        Goethe