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Our Yoga Community

Power Yoga Canberra rocks it!

(Editor's disclaimer: we may be biased). 

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Our Yoga Community II

Change Yoga Canberra recently opened up in Nth Canberra. The studio space is gorgeous, there is a wide range of fabulous teachers and you can get a great coffee downstairs.

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Inspirational People

Blind Tiger Yoga is an amazing organisation  focused on providing yoga, meditation and the healing arts to members of the military, veterans, first responders, their families and broader communities in Melbourne, Australia. We are proud to be connected with these guys. Check out a vid about them here and what their students are saying here

Qigong Creatrix

We loved working with Rosa Mauvra for the Qigong at our recent Yinbody 85 Yin Yoga Teacher Training retreat. We so look forward to more beautiful Qigong and teachings at Embody 108. 


Foodie Corner

The gorgeous and talented Angie Cowen from Love Life & Gluten Free will be joining us as our inspired caterer at our Embody 108 retreat in March 2019.

Delicious, conscious, mindful, mouth watering food!!! Her cookbooks are beautiful, her food divine and she is just such a treasure! 

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Featured Facilitator

Our featured facilitator is the amazing Tara Fischer. She is a loving, compassionate, intuitive, light hearted facilitator, teacher and medicine woman.

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Yin Yoga 101

Yin Yoga is a term used to describe an emerging style of yoga that is becoming increasing popular in our busy modern world. In Yin Yoga we predominately practice floor based positions (poses or asana in Sanskrit) which are held for a longer amount of time than normal yoga poses – Yin Yoga poses are generally held for 3-5 minutes. Yin Yoga poses are performed in a gentle way, but the idea is to hold the pose with an ‘edge’ of sensation. This sensation could be described as having a quiet intensity that is tolerable physically, mentally and emotionally. We often use a number of yoga ‘props’ such as yoga blocks, blankets, bolsters and cushions as support in the poses. These props assist us to c

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